The Shapes Of Diamonds

What you are about to read is the culmination of information from assorted different places and resources. I hope you enjoy it. Have you ever wondered how many shapes a diamond has' Well, diamonds are positively shapeless when they are found in the mines. It's only the cutting of diamonds that leads to diamonds taking several shapes.

Since diamonds form an important part of jewelry fashion they are cut into a number of different shapes. So, we cannot put a number to the number of shapes. Despite that, in general, diamonds are cut in 10-12 shapes more often but designers keep coming out with new and imaginative shapes all the time) than others. As a result what shape will fit a person is dependent on his/her personality. Here are five shapes in which diamonds are most commonly cut: Round brilliant diamonds: This is the most common shape into which a diamond is cut and is most used in diamond engagement rings. Round diamonds have clear lines and symmetry and are the most expensive.

A circle has no beginning or end - so round diamonds go perfectly with the theme of love and romance. Round diamonds can be seen in rings, necklace, earrings or bracelets. Heart-shaped diamonds: Heart-shaped diamonds are the most popular shape among lovers. It indicates their love and affection for each other. This shape looks best in pendants and ear rings (however, it's really a matter of personal choice). Pear Shaped diamonds: As the name suggests, these diamonds are in the shape of a pear or tears from your eyes.

You can find pear shaped diamonds mostly in earrings. Princess cut diamond: Princess cut diamonds are amongst the smallest diamonds in the diamond pool. They are inverted pyramids and carry most of their weight at the bottom. Though they are small, they look electrifying.

Oval diamonds: If you have small hands or short fingers and want to give an elongated look to your hands, oval diamonds are meant for you. Oval diamonds make smaller hands look elongated because of their symmetrical design. They really look elegant. Besides the Round, Oval, princess-cut, heart and pear shaped diamonds; diamonds are also cut in the following shapes: Trillion cut diamonds: As the name suggests, these diamonds have a triangular shape with equal sides. It looks great with pendants. Women can wear this shape with deep neck blouses (or whatever way it suits their personality) Radiant diamonds: Radiant diamonds show resemblance to emerald cut diamonds with respect to shape.

These diamonds are also square or rectangular in shape. But they glitter more than the emerald shaped diamonds because of the difference in the number of facets. Since radiant diamonds have more number of facets than the emerald diamonds, they look more stunning. Marquise diamonds: The marquise diamond is known for its grandness. This type of diamond is elongated with points at each end. Baguette cut diamonds: These diamonds are commonly used as side stones in making of the jewelry.

They have a step cut shape and really look good. Though they are used as side stones, they look really impressive when put together with other diamond shapes in the same piece of jewelry. Cushion cut diamonds: They are also called as the pillow cut diamonds.

They are square shaped and have a sophistication of a Romeo Juliet era. A Toast: May the best of your past be the worst of your future. Thus, you have quite a good number of different shapes of diamonds to choose from. Many times a lot of shapes are used in the same piece of jewelry in order to give it a grand and elegant look. The information you just read was pulled from many different resources. You should continue searching for information until you believe you have a firm grasp of the subject.

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