The foreign exchange market (Forex) has no central exchange, but it is the largest financial market in the world. There is more than 3 times as large as the stock and futures markets and operates in conjunction over an electronic network of one of the banks, businesses and investors. In return, consists of a purchase of one currency and selling of others. Currency traded in pairs, in other words, one currency is traded for another. The major currencies are as follows: 1st USD - U.S.

dollar 2nd EUR - Euro Euro members 3rd JPY - Japan Yen 4th GBP - UK Paper 5th CHF - Swiss francs 6th CAD - Canadian Dollar 7th AUD - Australian Dollar There are 2 kinds of investors in the FOREX market.The first type of investor is the Hedger. The Hedger participates in international traders and uses Forex Trading protect their interest in a transaction adverse currency fluctuations. 2nd The type of investor protection is a speculator, invests only in the currency.

Currency Prices fluctuate due to a variety of economic and political factors. The main factors are as follows: 1st The interest rates 2nd International trade 3rd Inflation 4th Political stability There are many reasons investors keen interest in FX trading Some of the main reasons are the following: 1st No fees 2nd No mediator 3rd No trade sizes 4th Low transaction costs 5th High liquidity 6th Instant transactions 7th Low margin / high leverage 8th 24 hours market 9th The on-line access via online trading platforms 10th Always good opportunities for trade, unlike the stock market is bullish or never declines. 11st Nobody companies can market 12nd No insider trading can occur At the start of trading on the FOREX market, an investor needs only a computer, a broadband Internet connection and an on-line trading currency. A mini account can be opened, as little as $ 100.

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