Learn To Play Lead Guitar

There are no easy ways to teach someone the discipline and knowledge that is needed when they first learn play lead guitar. It is a combination of natural talent, teachings and technique that will make you the best lead guitarist you can be! Technique Technique is one of the key elements when you learn to play lead guitar. A good teacher is essential to teach you the basic skills and allow you to perfect them. Playing guitar is like artwork, you need to practice and perfect your craft.

Many lead guitarist in popular music groups will tell you they never stop learning and never stop perfecting there style. Discipline Discipline is what will take you from an average lead guitarist to a brilliant one. When you first learn to play lead guitar it is very important to be disciplined and be able to put the hours in that are needed to master your craft. A teacher can help you set a time schedule and program to keep you motivated and on track.

Body language Body language is another important element when you learn to play lead guitar. Attitude and body language go hand in hand to give you the confidence you need as a lead guitarist. If you watch a music video you will always notice the confidence the lead guitarist has compared to his backup musicians. Leadership skills As a lead guitarist it is important to have excellent leadership skills.

As the lead guitarist you are responsible for the backup musicians and need to be able to think on your feet and cover any mistakes that may happen during a set. This is something that will come with time but should always be on your mind when you learn to play lead guitar. Learning positions When you first start to learn to play lead guitar it is important to practice while in the seated position.

Being seated during practice will help you to maintain full control of your instrument and allow you to concentrate on your practice. Always have both feet on the ground and have your back straight to avoid injury. Correct hand positions Learning the correct hand positions when you learn to play lead guitar is the most important element.

Using the correct hand positions will allow you to move through cords with ease and avoid mistakes. It will also allow you to react quickly if one of your backup musicians makes a mistake or misses a note. Correct hand positions should be practiced regularly even by experienced guitarists.

Christopher Buckley is owner of one of the internet's largest guitar learning resources. To find out more about learning lead guitar, visit Learn Guitar Blog

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