How Guitarists Play By Ear Learn How To Play By Ear - Join us as we take a look at what it takes to learn to play the guitar by ear and some practical tips that you can use to improve your skills and fine tune your ear.

Drum Tips to Keeping Peace With Your Neighbors - There are some quick fixes to help keep your family, friends, and neighbors at peace while still allowing you to drum.

Mastering Lead Guitar Slides String Bending Tremolo Picking - Learning how to play lead guitar is an art and it can only be mastered using some of the most important and advanced techniques like string bending and tremolo picking among many others.

How To Word Your Invitation When Asking Guest To Pay Their Way - Here are some ways to word you invitation when you want your guest to pay their way.

Give The Perfect Gift This Season The Gourmet Gift Basket - Chocolates have always been an accepted gift, but today, you'll find smoked salmon is finding its way up the list too.

Incomplete Profiles The Curse of the Online Dating Website - All dating websites rely heavily on the sincerity and responsibility of their membership in order to be successful, and most dating website owners will agree that the ideal dating community would have one hundred percent profile completion, with interesting and detailed information and at least one recent photo of each member.

Catastrophic Deaths - This article looks at the nature of Catastrophic Deaths which are always sudden, unexpected, senseless and unjust.

EVIL and how to live in a Cult humor - Even YOU can learn from an evil cult.

Online Dating Tips For Women - If you are a woman and you have been wondering about how to get started with online dating, there is plenty of information on the internet these days.

Getting the Proper Culinary Education Can Lead to a Great Career - Whether you are just looking to become a cook, or a world-renowned chef, you are in need of the proper training.

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